Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have a friend name Derek, he is going to have a birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday, Derek!

In celebration, I will be bringing the entire staff of IKEA over to his house tomorrow night. Free Rumbi Island Salads for all!

IKEA Management: Please bring gifts for Derek that he will be able to share with your employees.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This last Saturday Arthur and I went to the Zoo! It was pretty fun. We had a blast! The Zoo has changed a lot since I was little. The best part is that they still have that lion shaped drinking fountain. I didn't dare drink out of it, I figured it was pretty gross. I figure they probably replace the nozzle on it or something, hopefully every few years. It was so hot out on Saturday! I love the sun, I can't stand the snow. That is the worst part about living here.

The Zoo still has that really cool big bug display. I love looking at the butterflies... and I hate looking at the beetles, spiders, and disgusting walking stick things. Ugh! I can't stand those big bugs. Every time I see that display I feel like one is crawling on me. Ever see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? I watched it awhile ago and that bug part drives me nuts!

Arthur was mad that they got rid of the butterfly exhibit. He used to ride the bus 2 hours back and forth to his house just so he could go volunteer there and help with the butterflies. He was only 14.

I didn't get any pictures inside of the Zoo, I forgot my memory card on my camera... so I was only able to fit a few shots on there. The others didn't turn out. Here's the one that did, outside of the Zoo: