Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love animals, especially cats. I have had a number of cats in my lifetime, and currently have 3. Moose is the middle child. He is a tabby-lilac point siamese mix with big blue eyes. I got Moose just over a year and a half ago when my other cat passed away. We needed another cat to keep my female cat Cocoa company. We got him from a woman who was selling kittens off of KSL. She told us he was very loving, because he was born on Valentine's Day. We had no idea he would really be the sweetest cat ever.

I am notorious for naming my cats after food items. I have had Krispy (like the donut), Cookie and Cocoa. Moose was my first boy, and I wasn't sure what to name him. I was torn between a food name and a name that reminded me of my favorite country - Canada. I ended up choosing Mousse, like the dessert. I didn't really like the way it was spelled, so I ended up just settling on Moose. His nicknames include Goose, Moose Munch and MooseGoose.

He does not know how to bite or scratch us, and all he ever wants is to be petted.
After having 2 litters of kittens in our new basement with Cocoa, we determined that we needed to let him live outside. He loved it out there. The second we put him outside, he tore up the mountain and he didn't come back for about a week. I was sure he had been eaten by a coyote. He did come back, though - and he was just fine.

He loves to lie in the grass and roll around meowing for pets. I took some pictures of him, and would love to share them with you. The best thing about Moose is his big blue eyes. I hope you like these! You can click on each one to make it bigger.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Genevieve wakes up to the cold that she created
There's a winter in her mind, though outside the snow has faded
and the sun is bright
but she's bundled up tight

Hands deep in her pockets, she walks, she doesn't talk much
To the people that she passes, they wave, but she just looks away
And so it goes everyday

Genevieve, are you lonely?
Cornered in your walls of stone
Genevieve, are you lonely?
You don't have to go alone
Genevieve, no you don't

Genevieve feels different, she swears no one would understand
The world the way she sees it: a frosty, bitter no-man's-land
No one to hold her hand

But when someone approaches the ice queen with her mittens
Well she thinks of all the times someone left her heart frost-bitten
So she shakes off the warmth
And gives in to the storm

Genevieve, are you lonely?
Cornered in your walls of stone
Genevieve, are you lonely?
You don't have to go alone
Genevieve, no you don't

If you take my hand we can rewrite your song
Or just melt it in the water before it could be sung
But you're looking out for reasons why you can't trust anyone
Genevieve, wont you please open up and feel the sun

Genevieve, are you lonely?
Cornered in your walls of stone
Genevieve, are you lonely?
You don't have to go alone
Genevieve, no you don't

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Week Is Coming...

So it's the last few hours of Sunday night. It's been a pretty good weekend. I had an enjoyable two days off. I usually check my work email multiple times during the weekend, but this time I didn't. I just checked it a few minutes ago, and as expected - I've got a lot to do tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed not worrying about work all weekend. It was very nice.

Friday night we went out with my side of the family with my parents and siblings to dinner for my brother's birthday. We went to this place in Provo called Burger Surpreme. I kept calling it Burger Extreme. The food was pretty good, but I was way tired because it was the end of a long week. It was fun to see my siblings.

The crazy thing about our family is whenever we get together for birthdays we usually take really funny pictures of each other. To keep the tradition going, I took my camera and got some pretty funny shots. Here they are!

Birthday Boy and his beautiful blonde mullet

Birthday Boy and his beautiful wife

Mom and her 3 (count them) pairs of glasses

My beautiful sister

My beautiful cousin and sister-in-law

My handsome lil brudder

Your beautiful blogger

Dashing Dad

After the party we went back to Leo and Whitney's for cake and ice cream. We had a fun party with dominoes. They just bought a new condo and it is so fantastic. Whitney has done such a great job decorating. My brother had some great paintings that he had done on the wall. I am impressed with how well they decorated their new home. Arthur and I want to go visit them soon and put up a new light that we got Whitney for her birthday.

On Saturday, we spent some time relaxing and Arthur tiled the basement. He is a member of a fish club that has a "Reef Tour" once a year. It's kind of like Parade of Homes, except for all of the club members drive around Utah seeing all of the different fish tanks of the members. Arthur has been working on his fish fort and his tank since we moved in, so he is excited to show off our new basement. He is working to get the tile done before the Reef Tour. He's gotten a lot done on the basement in a short amount of time. The tile he picked is really cool. It's stone with cool fossils of shells and stuff in it. Here are some pictures of his "fish fort" and the tile job so far.

Here is his fishfort. He did the stonework himself. (Click picture to enlarge)
Here is the tile. All of the framing, drywall, fireplace, painting, electric and gas by himself. He is pretty amazing at diy! (Click picture to enlarge)

Sunday we spent the day getting ready for our dinner party. Arthur's family came over for turkey dinner. It was delicious. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Marie Calendar's pie. Delish!

I'm pretty excited for a new week. It's going to be a crazy week at work for sure. Mike starts his new job as an Agent tomorrow too, which is going to be cool. He gets to be trained to work in my department. He has to start at 6:00 AM, which totally sucks. I'm going to try to get up early and be there with him. I want to make sure he is settled in his new class. I also have to make sure the trainer who is teaching another class is ready to go. :) Another week begins...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Genevieve + Arthur = 8.15.08

Today Arthur and I went to his parents house to give his sister a violin lesson. His other younger sister was there and she asked to come stay with us. We agreed, and headed back to our house in Eagle Mountain. While we were in the car, his sister found one of our wedding albums behind Arthur's seat. She pulled it out and was looking through it. When she was done, I spent some time flipping through the pages. It was funny to think that I hadn't really looked through them since I put the album together. I realized that I had never really shared my wedding video or pictures with most of my family and friends.

So, I uploaded the video and wedding photos for you to see. The video was shot by my friend Katie and then I edited it. Unfortunately, I had to reduce the quality because Blogger will only take 100MB in size... so you get the pixely version.

I really enjoyed making this video and it helps me remember the day, because I really can't remember too much of it. I had stayed up the night before packing, cleaning and enjoying a "bachelorette party" with Katie. Don't worry, we didn't party too hard... ;)

Here's the video and slideshow for you to see. Before you push play, just know that I say "HELLO!" really loud in the first few seconds. After that, you can turn your volume back up. If you'd like to see larger versions of the pictures, you can click on them and Photobucket should open in another browser. Let me know what you think!

Music in the video:
First song:
Winter in August from Nanny McPhee Soundtrack
Second song: I Do by Jewel
Third song: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole
Last song: Standing Still by Jewel

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Friday Five

I have been in the blogging world for a long time. I actually began "blogging" when I was in my sophomore year of high school. This was back in 1998, so about 11 years ago. It was not called blogging back then, though. It was referred to as online journaling. There are a few old school sites out there that existed back when the interwebs were new.

There are a few online journalists that I have been "following" since then, and every once in awhile I will remember to check their journal. It is interesting to see that their lives have changed just as much as mine has in the past 11 years. I really enjoy looking through old entries from when they first began. I remember sitting and reading their posts when I should have been in class.

One of my favorite online journalists was someone who began "blogging" beacause she wanted to spread the word online about a con artist who had taken advantage of her. She wrote this extremely long entry all about her account of what happened. I remember this as one of my first experiences of reading about someone else's life like I was reading their personal diary. It was awkward, and wonderful. I felt like I knew this person, even though I didn't even know their real name or where they lived. She was faithful about posting every. single. day. I found that I became addicted to logging in online just to see what she had written every day.

One thing this particular online journalist would do is her "Friday Five". She would ask her readers for 5 questions and she would answer them. I looked forward to Fridays often for these entries. She still writes every day. She no longer does Friday Five, though. I just visited her blog to see that she has posted today, and no one has commented on her blog for quite some time. I feel a little bit sad for her, but I know for a fact she does not do it for sole purpose of getting feedback from others.

So, because her online journal did a lot to shape who I am online today, I figured I should begin my own version of "Friday Five". I will probably take some of the questions that she has been asked in the past, and then if I ever get asked questions through my blog, I will collect them and answer them on Friday. I am fully aware that this is a practice of someone who has many, many followers... so I am going to rely on the vast internets to get my Friday Five started.

Genevieve's First Friday Five

1. If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
I would love to open a Sweet Shoppe with donuts, cupcakes, chocolates, cakes, and other pastries. I don't think I would do a lot of the cooking, but I would definitely love the business side of it. I believe I would ask my husband to take care of the cooking, and I would help decorate.

2. If you owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
I think it would be fun to make an actual eBay store where people could come and shop on eBay. I would have a "personal shopping" service where someone could come and set up an appointment to get help finding something on the site. The service could include setting up favorite searches, and getting a phone call or email when their product was available. I am completely aware that this probably wouldn't be popular, but I think having some sort of centralized place where people could come and get help buying on eBay would be cool. I can imagine booths with large tv screens to sit and shop for things. I'm sure this would never fly, but it would be fun to try. :)

3. If you wrote a book, what genre would it be?
Probably fiction. I used to be really interested in writing, and even took a creative writing class once. I wrote a weird short story about a ghost. It wasn't very good, and I spent way too long trying to get a good storyline. When I was young I wrote a lot of little short stories. I had a real hard time with character development and conflict resolution. I finally figured out that in order to make a story interesting you had to have someone die or something. ;) I don't really write anymore, aside from blogging and the occasional written journal entry.

4. If you ran a school, what would you teach?
I would run a charter school for high school dropouts. It would teach them how to be a successful adult in a non-traditional way. I am in no way a successful adult, but I know that a lot of high school dropouts sometimes just need someone to show them the way and help them figure out what they want out of their professional life.

5. If you recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
I would love to learn how to mix music and create a trance album. I will sit in front of our Mac and mess with Garage Band for hours trying to figure the stupid program out. There are so many possibilities for great music in that program... the problem is just figuring out how to use it. Maybe I'll come across someone someday who will pity me and spend an hour or two helping me figure it out. I so badly want to let some of these beats out! :P

There you go, the first Friday Five. Check back next Friday for the next 5 questions!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello friends (all 4 of you!) I didn't blog yesterday. That is ok. Remember, blogs that force their readers to endure "just beacuse I have to post everyday" entries usually suck. You're welcome.

Let's see... I haven't posted anything lately about what's been going on in my land. Ever since that job interview, my life has changed quite a bit. I was told last Friday that I didn't get the job and in that same conversation with my Manager I was told that they are moving me to another department. I now work for a different Manager in a different building doing basically the same job. I just have a better desk.

I'm pretty excited for next Monday beacuse my little brother will be starting at eBay as an agent doing what I train. So I may get a chance to train him, which is totally awkward and totally cool. I'm excited to be able to spend more time with him since he's been living out of state for so long. Hurray!

Speaking of brothers, my big brother's birthday is today! Happy Birthday, Lil Leenard! Our family is getting together tomorrow to go to dinner and have a birthday party. We usually take some pretty funny pictures at these parties, so I'll be sure to post them. :)

So, I do have a video I would like to share with you today. Before I post it, I would like to call out that YouTube has made some interesting changes since I last posted a video. I used to be a pretty avid YouTuber with almost 1,000 subscribers. That may not seem like a lot, but it was to me. :) I tried posting a video once a week when I could and I was pretty used to how YouTube worked. The new upload feature allows you to upload larger sizes of movies, which is cool. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to make sure it is uploaded in widescreen. I will have to mess around with the features in my video editing program to see what I'm doing wrong.

In the meantime, here is the video I made of one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite cities in the world. Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. This was taken when Arthur came to visit me while I was up there for work. This Aquabus is used kind of like a small ferry or water taxi. I'm not sure many Canadians actually rely on it to get around, but it is still a cool feature of this beautiful city. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The First Day of Fall

Hurray! It's the first day of fall! Fall is probably my favorite season because it's cool enough that I can layer, layer, layer. I also don't have to deal with snow and I still have many sunny days left until the snow falls.

One of my first dates with Arthur was driving up the Alpine Loop and seeing all of the trees with their fall color. This is a video I took last year when we went again. It was so beautiful! I hope you enjoy. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tim Burton Movies FTW

Arthur and I went to see a movie this weekend called 9. It was really good. I thought the little gunny sack people were so cute. It was kind of a combination of Coraline and Wallee. It was pretty intense, some of the characters in it were pretty creepy. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, which made it really cool. I like most all of Tim Burton's movies. The only one I didn't like was Sweeney Todd, and only because it was so gory. I like the music from Sweeney Todd, and I like Johnny Depp.

Speaking of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, I'm excited about a new movie that is coming out soon. It's going to be pretty awesome. I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland because of the song that Jewel sings. I also like the references from Gwen Stefani's album. The original movie is pretty good too. There is a new movie that is directed by Tim Burton that has Johnny Depp in it called Alice in Wonderland. I'm really excited to see it. It comes out in March, which is awhile away, boo.

I've got the trailer for both 9 and Alice in Wonderland for you. You're welcome. :)

Here is the trailer for 9:

Here is the trailer for Alice in Wonderland:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Husband Arthur: The Survey

I am filling this out to see how well I do. He will probably read over this and then tell me which ones I got wrong. ;)

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
If he's with me, then we're watching America's Got Talent, The Office, Ace of Cakes, Challenge or any other food/home show.
If he's by himself, he's reading the news on Wii, he's playing Wii, or he's watching the news or Survivor.

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?

3. What's one food he doesn't like?

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
If he's really thirsty, then water. Otherwise, Coke. He'll sometimes order a tea at Thai places.

5. Where did he go to high school?
Jordan High. He had lots of girlfriends. And a cool tan car.

6. What size shoe does he wear?

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Turkey sandwich

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
Turkey sandwich, which he does. Just kidding - he would eat shrimp and crab everyday if he could.

10. What is his favorite cereal?
Fiber One. LOL

11. What would he never wear?
Anything pink.

12. What is his favorite sports team?
He doesn't follow sports.

13. Who did he vote for?

14. Who is his best friend?
Me. Or his fish. Or his cousins Fawn and Shy.

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
Crunch ice, make messes and not clean them up, be sick

16. What is his heritage?
He has Native American in there somewhere. ;)

17. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake?
He likes most cakes, but he usually goes for anything with peanut butter on it.

18. Did he play sports in high school?

19. What could he spend hours doing?
He does spend hours doing these things. Putting his arms up to his shoulders in saltwater fishtanks and playing outside in the garden.

20. What is one unique talent he has?
He is the most level person I know. He never "freaks out" and screams or gets extremely upset. He is very consistent and that helps me feel secure. I love that he doesn't change very often. I like that if everything else is changing like crazy around me, he will still be who he is everyday. That is a big reason why I married him.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Job Fail

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. That is ok, there is a reason for it, and I am confident something else better is coming for me. For now, I will be patient.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Promotion: It felt like reality TV

One thing about me that a lot of people don't know is that I don't like to stay in one particular job for a long time. I find that when I get bored at what I do, I look for other work that isn't as boring.

I work for eBay, and I have been with the company since January of 2007. That is a long time for me to work for a company. The longest job I ever held was with Marriott and that was from 2002 - 2007, just under 5 years. I didn't have the same position all 5 years though. I moved from job to job within the company. I never felt content. I ended up getting laid off from that job.

I have been a trainer at eBay for the past 2 years. Before that, I was an Account Manager for 6 months. I have enjoyed being a trainer, and have stuck with it. As I learned more about what my job as a trainer really was, I realized that I had different abilities that I never knew I had. Like leadership skills, and project management skills. I decided that I needed to look for something higher.

I want to become a Project Manager at eBay, and most Project Managers are supervisors first. So 2 weeks ago I applied to be a Supervisor. It has been a rollercoaster for sure!

The interview process began on Monday. I had a formal 30 minute interview with my current (and future) boss. It was pretty stressfull because of how formal it all was. I was used to a different type of setting for communicating with my boss. I now wanted to be seen as a potential leader and not as a supporter alone. The questions were tough, but I think I did ok. Only 7 out of the 10 people applying made it through this round. I did, thankfully.

The second round of the process was on Tuesday. Each candidate had a 30 minute interview with all of the current supervisors. All in the same room. 7 supervisors, one Genevieve. They fired question after question at me and tested to see how well I fielded the answers in a setting like that. I think I did ok, but it was really hard to tell. 7 supervisors asking me if I would handle an escalation over a crying rep? Yikes. I made it through this round, and so did every other applicant.

The last round was yesterday. We had a quick 10 minute formal interview with the Manager again and then we were given a task. The formal interview asked us which of the current supervisors we work the best with. That was easy. I told him who I thought I was the most like and then he asked me who I was the most unlike. Yikes. I told him who I believed I could get to know better, and he then assigned me my project. He said "Now, go and create a huddle as if you were the person you just told me you are different from."

A huddle is a quick team meeting that is facilited by a supervisor and usually has a 1-2 page guide that the supervisor reads from to help keep the meeting on task. I had never created a huddle, but figured since I've been a trainer for two years I would do ok. I was given exactly 1 hour to get the job done and send it back to my manager.

I pushed myself and got it done. Barely. I emailed it back to the manager right on the minute it was due. Phew.

So now the waiting game begins. I spoke to one of my really good friends at work who is also a trainer, and who is also applying for the same position. We both agreed that no matter who gets it, they will know how hard everyone worked through the interview process. It will be exciting to find out who got the job. There are two positions available and 7 applicants total. I have a 2 in 7 chance of getting the job... and the competition is pretty stiff. This whole experience has felt like a tv show contest. I hope I come out on top - I will let you know!

Wish me luck...

Blog Topic Idea Fail

One of the biggest reasons I struggle with blogging is because I will sometimes struggle with coming up with a good topic to write about. I wanted to blog every day, but yesterday didn't have much to say. That is ok. My brother and I discussed whether or not it's a good thing to try and blog everyday, and both agreed that it is not.

I would rather read a blog that was based on events rather than forced ideas. I tend to lean on the forced ideas because my life is not always very eventful. I thought this morning about events in my life lately and realized I have some I can blog about. Maybe my life seems boring to me, but daily life stuff is what I usually like to read in blogs. I need to keep that in mind.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

eFusjon: Pyramid Scheme or not?

I live in Utah. In my opinion, we are a gullible people. My older brother once joined a pyramid scheme where he had to pay $500.00 to "buy in" to the company and get a stake in the ground. He pushed my dad and a few other family members to join with him and also pay $500.00. It was scary for me because I had never seen my brother so motivated by something like money and business. It didn't seem like him at all. He pushed me, but I told him that he was more important to me than $500.00. Eventually, he let the pyramid company fade from his life... but it always left me wary of what a pyramid scheme can do to someone's personality and emotions.

I figured that if I was going to be blogging about pyramid schemes, I should do some research. I looked up a basic definition of a pyramid scheme, and this is what I found.

A successful pyramid scheme combines a fake yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated-sounding money-making formula which is used for profit. The essential idea is that the mark, Mr. X, makes only one payment. To start earning, Mr. X has to recruit others like him who will also make one payment each. Mr. X gets paid out of receipts from those new recruits. They then go on to recruit others. As each new recruit makes a payment, Mr. X gets a cut. He is thus promised exponential benefits as the "business" expands.

Some network or multi-level marketing businesses, which sell real products and rely on the price differentials between the manufacturer's dispatch ramp and the retail counter, may verge on the borderline between "smart" and "scam". When a pyramid does involve a real product, such as Holiday Magic cosmetics in the United States in the 1970s, new "dealers" who've paid enrolling fees are encouraged, in addition to selling their products, to become "managers" and recruit more new "dealers" who will also pay enrolling fees. As the number of layers of the pyramid increases, new recruits find it harder and harder to sell the product because there are so many competing salespeople. Those near or at the top of the pyramid make a lot of money on their percentage of the enrolling fees and on commissions for the supplied products, but those at the bottom are left with inventories of products they can't sell.

This sounds to me like the new energy drink company "eFusjon". I have recently taken to learning more about this company purely out of odd curiosity. I am amazed at how someone who becomes involved in this program can change into someone that they normally are not.

I listen to the videos on the eFusjon corporate YouTube channel and shake my head in disbelief. These people will deny that they are a pyramid scheme until they are blue in the face. How can you deny you are a pyramid scheme when your "compensation plan" looks like this?

I really hope someone who sells eFusjon comes in and tries to grab me. I am so prepared with knowledge about their scheme that I will be able to fight their blind stupidity with vigor and vim!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Broken Yolk Cafe

One of my most favorite restaurants in the world is the Broken Yolk Cafe, located in Pacific Beach (San Diego) California. I first heard about it when I worked in La Jolla over the summer of 2006. I was an Evening Program Director for Camp La Jolla. My roommate Barb told me about it and said I should visit.

I went there and ordered the California Breakfast Burrito. This burrito is amazing because it has all of my favorite things in it. Hash browns, eggs, avocado, bacon and cheese. The burrito is huge. It is about the length of my forearm. I gnawed on it for about 3 hours after we left (the burrito, not my forearm.)

The drinks there are also gigantic. They don't have to refill your glass once. That is the best part, because then the wait staff doesn't keep bugging you. If you need a refill, they are right there.

I enjoy the layout of the restaurant because of the outside dining area on top. On sunny days you can see all over Pacific beach and into La Jolla/San Diego. I love sitting up there because of the views.
One of my favorite teeshirts is my gray Broken Yolk shirt, and I got it the last time we were in California. If you're ever there, you should totally visit!

Peppermint Tea

My husband is fantastic. I feel like a leper today. I have been sick with this cold for 4 days now and I woke up coughing and sniffing and generally just not happy. My husband made me a cup of peppermint tea and now he is making me a breakfast of steak, eggs and hash browns. The hash browns have onions in them, but that is ok, I will still eat them.

The peppermint tea is my favorite because it doesn't make me sick like peppermint hot cocoa does. It tastes just like peppermint hot cocoa but without the nausea afterwards. So awesome. I may bring home an entire box of peppermint tea tomorrow.

I will now share with you some cool pictures of peppermint tea that I found:
You're Welcome.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Toddlers and Tiaras

I am watching this Toddlers and Tiaras show on TLC. It makes me feel uncomfortable. These little girls are dressed up like adult women. I hear that the movie Little Miss Sunshine is about this sort of thing. I am afraid to watch it.

I'm not really sure what I will do when I have kids. I don't think I would enter a boy in a pageant. If I had a girl, I don't know what I would do. I can imagine that parents do it to live vicariously through their kids. I think pageants are good for confidence, but only for a certain age group. My cousin did pageants when she was a teenager, and she did a fantastic job. It wasn't weird, it was cool.

I just don't feel it's good for little girls to dress like that. Makeup and tans? Sheesh. I guess if you want to give your daughter a 'leg up' in life you can do it, but it just seems unfair to other girls who live life as a child normally.

Everytime I watch this show, I tell myself I will not put my daughter through this. It's just sad how much money and time and energy these mothers put into these pageants. There are probably more important things people can focus on.

Updates and a little sick

I haven't blogged for awhile, mostly because when you have like 10 blogs you get overwhelmed and don't know which one to update. I decided on this one because it works for me. I had a couple of other ones, like the blog I created for our wedding. This is the one I guess.

I have been sick the past couple of days. On Thursday, my brother got his wisdom teeth pulled and so I spent the day taking care of him. I had been feeling kind of congestedish all day, but figured it was allergies. I woke up on Friday and I was totally congested, couldn't really breathe, and had the headache of a lifetime. I have been letting this cold ride for the past few days. I am hoping it goes away soon. It's not as bad as it could be, I guess.

Arthur had to work today, blah. I am greatful he is working, that is good... it is just boring being here all day. Mike isn't even here, he is with his new girlfriend at her aunt's house babysitting. When he gets back maybe we can play some Wii.

I will try to blog more, and try to get some cool pictures up here. I do enjoy some good pictures in a blog. I have found that I'm more of a blog reader than a blog writer. I enjoy looking into other people's lives in a non-creepy way. :) Hopefully I become better at writing.

I just got a new laptop with the bonus I was awarded at work in July. I had been sitting on the money trying to decide what I want. I ended up buying a stupid desktop computer which was a piece of junk. We returned it to Best Buy and they took it back, no questions. It was a really great experience. I ended up getting an HP laptop, and I love it. The screen is extremely small, 13.3 inches... but it is really fast, really light and it does everything I need it to do. I can hook it up to my other monitor at home and I get the dual monitors I love. :) It is a good laptop and I can blog in bed.