Monday, April 4, 2011

Bloggity Nephew-to-Be

Hello, Blogosphere. Long time no talk. That's ok, because this blog is not for school, and I update it when I feel like it.

I have a Tumblr, and I sometimes update that when I'm feeling funny, or random. The only trouble with using my Tumblr to blog is that anyone from my Facebook will immediately see what I post because I have it on a push to my feed. It's fine for some things like random pictures or whatever, but not everyone takes the time to come to my info page and scroll down to see that I have a blog.

It's like my life online on 3 levels: Public (Facebook), Semi-Public (Tumblr), and Semi-Private (This blog). Most of the people I know or talk to who I ask if they've ready my blog think I'm speaking about my Tumblr, and normally I'm not. I also don't update this one as often, so I can see why not a lot of people would come here. I can to work on this.

So, what do I owe this rare occasion? I am blogging today because I am going to have a new little nephew born soon. He will be my first nephew. My husband already has a nephew and so I've just had him until now. It will be neat to know that my big brother is the dad of my nephew. I'm excited to hold him and to play cars with him when he gets older. I love my little niece, but a boy is just so different from a girl. I already know he's going to be super outgoing and incredibly smart.

I had the best weekend ever. My cousin V had her 21st Birthday party and so my husband and I worked on making a soccer cake with a 21 and the letter V on it. I think it turned out super cute. Here's a picture of it:

I think it's some of our most professional work yet, but I'm probably just biased. :) We have done some other good stuff too - but the difference between this job and other ones is the fact that we got paid. It was a different feeling - and good for us to think about how we want to run this as a business someday.

I will probably be posting mostly pictures here of my niece and nephew. I get so exited to show people how super cute my niece is and so I sometimes worry that people on Facebook are like "another one?!" So I think putting them here will help me with that. :)

Another work week. School for this semester is almost over, I just have a few weeks left. It's been an interesting experience, to say the least. I think I will still go back to school again in the summer. I was debating - but it keeps me busy and not bored to be in school, so it's a good thing. Ish.